Job-hunting Q&A

Job-hunting preparation

  • What level of Japanese do I need to work in a Japanese company?

    JLPT N2 is about the minimum level you should have if you will be using Japanese in your job. Some internships and companies require N1, but as long as you leave a great impression in the interview, you can still get a good position. Even if it isn’t required, you will have a tough time if your Japanese isn’t at least a certain level.

  • What will my salary be?

    As a full-time employee a salary should be at least ¥3 million per year. Raises, especially in big companies, are often only given at set intervals so make sure you negotiate your salary before becoming a full-time employee.

Hiring process

  • What documents do I need to prepare when applying?

    Usually you need a Japanese-style CV (rirekisho) often handwritten in Japanese, in addition to a western-style CV in both Japanese and English.

  • What questions should I prepare for an interview?

    Make sure you can introduce yourself properly in Japanese. By and large questions are very similar to interviews in western countries, although you should make sure you bow when greeting and saying goodbye.

Working in a company

  • Is using keigo completely necessary?

    As long as you are polite and friendly most Japanese people do not mind whether or not your keigo is perfect. This is not an excuse to stop learning keigo!

  • What visa do I need for my job?

    Most workers require an “Engineer” or “Specialist in Humanities/International Services” visa.
    Check for more information.

  • Will interviews be conducted in English or Japanese?

    Always be prepared for interviews in Japanese. Some interviews will be conducted in English, but you are aiming to work in Japan and therefore your Japanese ability needs to be tested.

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